Self Assessment



Student Affairs Culture Toolkit



Starting the journey

How are you feeling about culture? Maybe excited, maybe overwhelmed, maybe not so great? That’s fine! Changing your behavior and choices can be both exhilarating and daunting. This first tool helps you to understand where you’re at, and helps you pick the right points of entry as you work to build culture in your unit or team.

It’s not a diagnostic or an evaluation. You can’t fail, and there are no wrong answers. Its aim is, instead, to help you figure out where to start. Taking on more than you feel ready for is a sure path to burnout; persisting with things you’ve already mastered gets stale. This tool helps meet you where you’re at.


Using the Self-Assessment

After you finish the self-assessment you will be given a method for using this toolkit based on your answers. Here are all of the different methods if you wish to choose another: 

  • Pick one module in the toolkit to dive into. Look for something that really interests you, or that would be really helpful on your team. Work through the full module, and put what you learn into practice in your work. 
  • Pick three areas where you'd like to build your skills. Put some time on your calendar for the next three weeks to work through those modules. Each module should take less than an hour to complete, but add in a little time to put the skills you're learning into practice. 
  • It seems like you're really feeling confident with your culture-building skills! That's great! If there are modules or areas where you're not feeling solid yet, work through those modules over the next couple of weeks. But also think about how you can share your knowledge or skills. If there's a topic in this toolkit that you have expertise in, please give us feedback and help us build it out further with examples from your area, and talk with us about how you can help coach others in this area. Email Annalyn and Jill to talk through the opportunities.

Here is a PDF of the questions if you would like to print them out.