January 2015

Home Group resources, A&E Connect Team updates and more!

This post has a lot of info in it about the Home Groups (HG) and other resources. Please read to the end. Thanks!

When you meet with your HG see yesterday’s email for info on what HG you’re in):

  • Please choose a Point Person with whom we can communicate to see how things are going.

  • Here’s a topic you can discuss in your Home Group meeting on Jan 28. Your HG’s insight on these questions will be sent (anonymously) to the staff team for the SPI project to help improve the culture here in Student Affairs.

    • What are the characteristics of an ideal work culture?

    • Can you see it in your office?, in A&E?, in Student Affairs?, at UC Berkeley?

    • If so, why or why not?

  • The Strategic Planning Initiative (SPI) team would love to hear your insight on these questions! After you’ve met, please ask your Point Person to fill out this google form. The form will ask for your HG number, the name of your Point Person, and any feedback on these questions you’d like to share. The A&E Connect team will remove the HG number and name so that it’s anonymous, compile the input, and send to the SPI folks.

Please consider making the A&E Connect website your own home page or bookmark it. You won’t be able to find it without this link as it is not searchable. This keeps it more private for just A&E staff.

The A&E Staff Directory on the website is a very useful tool to learn about your colleagues and to find out who to go to with specific questions.

To add your info to the Directory on the A&E Connect website, please use this form to provide info. Thanks!

We need a new photographer to take the Directory photos! Anyone out there with skills and interest who’d like to help out? Or, do you know of someone? If so, let us know!  

You may have noticed that the A&E Connect team has changed. The New A&E Connect team members are:


  • Greg Brown, CSC
  • Erika (Daniels) Bertolino, OR
  • Ricky To, OR
  • Jose Cordero, OUA
  • Lakeysha Spears, OUA
  • Josephine Parker, FASO
  • Lauryn Holloway, FASO
  • Anastacia Kaser, AVC’s office (continuing)

Feel free to stop any one of us in the hall or call/ email us with questions or suggestions!



A&E Connect Team:

Erika, Greg, Jose, Lauryn, Josie, Lakeysha, Ricky, and Anastacia