Giving and Receiving Feedback




We all have natural strengths and areas for growth in our giving and receiving of feedback skills. Perhaps you are comfortable in giving feedback when fully prepared but receiving constructive feedback in the moment may throw you off course. For some, providing feedback is uncomfortable and may be viewed as a "last resort" effort. However, as a manager, it's vital to give staff feedback and to also create a safe environment where staff can share feedback of their experience with you. It's an opportunity to shift behaviors that are not aligned with our Student Affairs culture, and to positively reaffirm those who are doing a great job.

This web-based tool offers another line of sight into your feedback skills.

How Good is Your Feedback? 

MindTools’ feedback skills quiz will help you identify how well you give feedback, along with how you can strengthen feedback you provide to others.

Take this quiz to find out how well you give feedback, and discover how you can give better feedback in the future based on context, performance management, and balancing negative feedback with positive interactions.