February 2015

Meeting announcements, A&E Connect information and more!

Our next A&E Connect Home Group meeting is next week! - on Wednesday Feb 25 (or near that date for some groups). There’s a lot of info here. You might want to print it out so it’s easier to read. We really appreciate your reading to the end!


In this newsletter:

    “Why we are doing this”  and Home Group (HG) topics for this spring

    The topic for discussion in your Home Group next week

    Link to the spreadsheet with names, groups, and when/ where to meet

    Info on what to do if you don’t see your name or have a question



The purpose of the A&E Connect project is to foster communication, collaboration and connection across departmental lines to make our jobs easier  - and more enjoyable.


Creating community and social / professional networks are essential for well-being and for being more engaged and happy at work! And we want to help make that happen here in A&E.


A recent report talks about wellness programs at work and that companies often have too narrow a focus on wellness. They advise looking at these 5 essential elements to well-being:

» Purpose: Liking what you do each day and being motivated to achieve your goals

» Social: Having supportive relationships and love in your life

» Financial: Managing your economic life to reduce stress and increase security

» Community: Liking where you live, feeling safe and having pride in your community

» Physical: Having good health and enough energy to get things done daily

Home Group topics this spring will focus on well-being using these elements.


Feedback and ideas are welcome! Reach out to your department’s A&E Connect rep or send us an email if you’d like to share ideas or resources on these topics.




(HG Point Person – you may wish to print this out for your group’s meeting)


Topic/ Purpose: Strengthen and/or create social and professional networks at work. Your HG is a network that can provide professional and social support. Learn more about each other. Brainstorm ideas for others ways to connect.


In your Home Group:


1. Introductions: (in case new members joined):


Name, Department, Role, How was Start-up for you?


2. Go around to each participant to find out:

    What are your professional goals? What’s your dream job? (maybe you’re living it, maybe in a perfect world you would be…)

    And/ Or:

    Share something about your personal life  - interests, hobbies, favorite TV shows, exercise / wellness goals, etc.


3. After you’ve heard from everyone, ask the group:

    Were there any similar interests or goals - personal or professional?

    What would you like to see developed into an A&E-wide meet-up group?

     For example: a noon-time knitting club or walking group, or an evening softball team, or a professional development check-in support network, or volunteer in the community together, etc., etc.  Brainstorm ideas!

    NOTE: The group does not need to to come to agreement on these ideas - this is a brainstorm activity - there are no bad ideas!


4. THEN: Point Person or Designate: By March 6, Please provide your group’s ideas to the A&E Connect team via this google form: Home Group Topic 2


What will happen to this info?

We‘ll look for common ideas and themes, connect people with similar interests and/or help set up some meet-ups!

Hey! What happened to our input on “ideal work culture” we submitted in January? Your responses informed the themes for this spring of well-being at work.  And - the (anonymous) responses were given to the SPI team reps - Rita d’Escoto (FASO) and Rod Santos (OR).

Rita says:

"Thank you all for your participation, we will share this with the SPI/Plan Big Staff Team.  Your feedback is instrumental in this process as Admissions & Enrollment serves as an initial platform for many of our efforts.”




Here’s a link to the spreadsheet with names, groups and meeting places.


If you don’t see your name on this spreadsheet, or your work schedule doesn’t allow you to meet at your assigned time, please contact your department’s A&E Connect rep and they will help you!



Thank you for reading to end and thanks for participating in the Home Groups!


Your A&E Connect Team

CSC: Greg Brown

OUA: Lakeysha Spears and Jose Cordero

OR: Erika Bertolino and Ricky To

FASO: Lauryn Holloway and Josie Parker

AEIO: Anastacia Kaser