Conduct the Fact-Finding Meeting

During the meeting, you want to be prepared to ask the right questions to have a fair and comprehensive record of the issue, from your perspective and from your employee’s. Here’s what you should think about during the meeting:

  • Keep a close eye on your tone, expressions, and body language. Remember that the purpose of this conversation is to resolve the performance issue, not to punish the employee. You want to welcome them to share their perspective honestly, and treat them like a partner in finding a solution.
  • Refer to the questions you prepared. These meetings can sometimes be difficult and tense, and the more complex the situation, likely the more questions you need to get through. Stick to your plan so that you’re able to get through everything you need to learn.
  • Take clear notes so that you can accurately recall what was shared in the meeting.
  • If your employee chooses not to respond to your questions, make it clear that you have to make decisions with the information available to you. Welcome them to share more.