Communication with Transparency and Integrity



Assess Your Skills

We all have natural strengths and areas for growth in our communications skills. Maybe you’re more comfortable when writing; maybe you are great in a crisis but struggle with clearly sharing all those day-to-day details that your team needs to know. Understanding where you shine, and where you struggle will help you to play to your strengths when communicating in difficult circumstances, and plan for potential pitfalls.


Your own supervisor is a great source of feedback about your communication skills. Refer back to your last performance review, or ask directly for their thoughts. A trusted peer or employee could also provide some great insight.


This web-based tool offers another line of sight into your communications skills.


How Good are your Communication Skills?

MindTools’ communications skills tool will help you identify how you might tend to perform at planning and crafting a message, choosing the right channel, listening to others, and receiving feedback. For each skill area, the tool provides advice on developing yourself.