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Community Standards & Academic Integrity

As a preeminent teaching, research and public service university, UC Berkeley holds its campus community members to the highest standards. - Robert J. Birgeneau, Chancellor

University of California, Berkeley is a community of scholars committed to maintaining an environment that encourages personal and intellectual growth. It is a community with high standards and high expectations for those who choose to become a part of it, including established rules of conduct intended to foster behaviors that are consistent with a civil and educational setting.
Members of the University community are expected to comply with all laws, University policies and campus regulations, conducting themselves in ways that support a scholarly environment. In this context, faculty are guided by The Faculty Code of Conduct, Section 015 of the Academic Personnel Manual, and students by the Berkeley Campus Code of Student Conduct.

As a member of this community your behavior matters and makes a difference. You are responsible for understanding the Code of Student Conduct, for asking questions and seeking information. You owe it to yourself and this community to report behaviors that violate the INTEGRITY, CIVILITY and RESPONSIBILITY that this community is based on.