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UC Systemwide Adjudication Model Flowchart

UC Systemwide Adjudication Model Flowchart

UC Systemwide Adjudication Model

Adjudication Model

UC Systemwide Adjudication Model Flowchart

University of California Student Adjudication Model – Process Flow Chart*

STAGE 0 Resources

  1. The following will be provided by CARE Advocate or Licensed Counselor:
    • On/Off Campus Resources
    • Notice of Rights
    • Reporting options
  2. Individual chooses to report University is placed on notice
  3. → Stage 1

STAGE 1 Investigation

  1. No Investigation
  2. End 


  1. Investigation
  2. Notice of charges, Notice of Rights and Options in the Investigation and Adjudication of Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment Cases
  3. → Stage 2

STAGE 2 Findings and Sanctions

  1. Notice of Findings and Recommendation
  2. Opportunity to meet and comment
  3. Notice of Decision, Sanctions and Appeal Options
    • No appeal → END, or
    • → Stage 3

STAGE 3 Appeal

  1. Appeal
  2. Uphold
  3. End


  1. Appeal
  2. Overturn/ Modify/Relief
  3. Appeal to Chancellor’s designee 
    • Overturn/ Modify/Relief → End, or
    • Uphold → End

*Procedures for Implementation of the Student Adjudication Model provides detailed explanation.

Copyright Pending October 2015
October 20, 2015


For Cases Investigated Prior to January, 2016:

If you received notice that your case is being investigated by OPHD prior to January, 2016, please read policies on cases investigated prior to January 2016.

The documents and flowchart shown above apply to cases investigated after January, 2016. FAQs on what has changed in the new investigation/adjudication model


For Survivor Support Regarding Incidents of Sexual Misconduct and Gendered Violence:

Confidential Care Advocate
Office: 510-642-1988 
Affirming, empowering, and confidential support for those that​ have​ experience​d gendered violence, including​:​ sexual harassment, emotional abuse, dating and intimate partner violence, sexual assault, stalking, and sexual exploitation. Advocates bring a non-judgmental, ​caring approach ​to exploring all options, rights, and resources.​​

How to Report Sexual Violence or Sexual Assault.
Learn more about sexual violence and sexual assault reporting options for students.

UC Systemwide Policies