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Addressing Academic Misconduct

Options for Faculty & GSIs

Addressing academic misconduct options for Faculty and GSIs are located under the Faculty/Staff section.


Information for Students

If an instructor suspects that a student has committed academic misconduct, the instructor may opt to resolve the incident on his or her own by approaching the student. In this case, the procedure is as follows:


The student admits to the accusation
With the student, the instructor will assign an academic sanction and complete a “Faculty Disposition for Academic Misconduct”. Upon receipt of the Faculty Disposition, the Center for Student Conduct and Community Standards (CSCCS) will send the student a “notification” and file the Disposition for the purpose of information ONLY. The Disposition will not create an official conduct record with CSCCS. If the student has previous violations on file or CSCCS deems the violation egregious, CSCCS may pursue more severe violations. In the event of future violations, CSCCS may consider the Disposition in assigning sanctions.


The student does not admit to the accusation
If the instructor still feels the student was in violation, the instructor will refer to the case directly to CSCCS for administrative review and resolution.


The student wishes the matter reviewed by CSCCS
At anytime during this process, students can request that the matter be forwarded directly to CSCCS for review and resolution.