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Committee on Student Conduct Overview
The Center for Student Conduct and Community Standards (CSCCS) provides University of California, Berkeley students, faculty, and staff an opportunity to get involved by serving as members of the Committee on Student Conduct hearing panels. The panel determines whether or not the student or student organization is responsible or not responsible for the allegations of misconduct and recommends appropriate educational outcomes if the student or student organization is found responsible.

In addition to serving on hearing panels, Committee on Student Conduct members can assist CSCCS with marketing and publicity initiatives centered around responsible citizenship, decision making and academic integrity. Committee on Student Conduct members can also be involved in the development and creation of outreach and topic-specific presentations related to Student Conduct.

Interested in becoming a Committee on Student Conduct Member?

Application process for Students
Applications for undergraduate and graduate student members are available in the middle of the Spring semester through the CSCCS. Once the process is open, students can apply by turning in required documents and participating in an interview. Students are also selected and appointed by the ASUC and the Graduate Assembly. Students interested in getting involved through this appointment process should contact the respective organization.

Involvement process for Faculty and Staff
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