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Handling Classroom Disruptions

The following information is provided by the Office of Educational Development at University of California, Berkeley "Problem Students and Disruptive Behaviors".
Handling Specific Disruptive Behaviors is an excellent article that provides concrete suggestions for college faculty. Talking in class, packing up early, arriving late/leaving early, cheating, wasting time, asking problematic questions, showing disrespect, attending class irregularly, asking for extension and missing assignment deadlines are all covered here.
  • Know your rights and responsibilities as outlined in the Faculty Code of Conduct.
  • Know students' responsibilities as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct.  
  • In serious cases, consult with your department chair for support and advice. 
  •  In severe cases, keep written records (including all email, etc.)
  •  In general, don't correct or criticize students in class; talk to them privately after class, if necessary.
  •  Think in advance how you might respond to various behaviors so that you'll not be blind-sided and can remain calm.


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