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Emergency Suspension

During a state of emergency, Chancellors or their designated representatives are empowered to impose Emergency Suspension on any student, faculty member, or employee when there is a reasonable cause to believe:

  1. The individual has participated in a disturbance of the peace or unlawful assembly, or has acted in violation of the campus emergency orders, has committed an act of physical violence or has threatened to commit such an act, or has committed a theft or has damaged property; or
  2. The individual's presence on campus will lead to violation of campus emergency orders, violence, intimidation, damage to property, or other disruptive activity incompatible with the orderly operation of the campus.

If Emergency Suspension is imposed by a designated representative of the Chancellor, such representative shall immediately inform the Chancellor and submit a written report on the action to the Chancellor as soon as is reasonably possible. The report must contain a description of the person suspended, including the person's name and, if available, address and phone number, and a statement of the facts giving rise to the suspension. If the Chancellor does not affirm the action of the designated representative within twenty-four hours after being informed that the suspension has been imposed, the suspension will be deemed void and a reasonable effort will be made to inform the person who was suspended that the suspension is void.

Any individual placed on Emergency Suspension will be given written confirmation of the suspension, either by delivering it to the individual personally, by mailing it to the individual's last known address of record or by emailing it to the individual’s last known email address of record. The confirmation will inform the individual of the procedures by which the validity of the Emergency Suspension can be appealed, including the opportunity to obtain a special hearing on the Emergency Suspension in accordance with applicable campus procedures. If an individual is found to have been unjustifiably placed on Emergency Suspension, the University is committed to a policy whereby reasonable efforts are taken to assist an individual who has been disadvantaged in employment or academic status.

The outcome of the appeal will have no bearing on University conduct proceedings arising from the behavior which gave rise to the Emergency Suspension.

Any individual placed under Emergency Suspension shall not, during the period of suspension, enter upon specified areas of the campus or engage in specified activities, as set forth in the written Notice of Emergency Suspension. The exclusion or restriction will be limited to the minimum extent necessary to protect the health and safety of persons or property, or to maintain the orderly operation of the campus.

Violation of any condition set forth in the Notice of Emergency Suspension will subject the individual to disciplinary proceedings based upon such violation.

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