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Academic Misconduct - How to Submit

Filing a Report with the Center for Student Conduct

When filing a report, dates, times, witnesses and details of the incident(s) of disruption, and the impact of the disruption on those present are critical.  Faculty, instructors and/or non-student reporting parties should be aware that the incident report and notes become part of the student record and the student has the right to see this documentation, including the name of the person who wrote the report; therefore, it is imperative to provide factual and appropriate information.  In cases where the faculty, instructor or staff member is not sure about filing a complaint, or information to include, contact the Center for Student Conduct (205 Sproul Hall, Mail Code 2432 | Hours M-F: 9am-5pm | Phone: 510-643-9069) to discuss the student conduct process and available options.

What else do I need to submit with this form?

The Center requires certain documentation before moving forward with a conduct case. In order to expedite the information-seeking process, please submit the following information along with this completed form:

  •     a copy of the course syllabus
  •     the original version of the work in question (i.e., test/quiz, essay, blue book, lab report, etc.)
  •     other supporting documentation (i.e., sources, other students’ work, correspondence with student, etc.)

Where should I submit this form?

You can submit the report in one of the following ways:
  • Mail the form to:
    Center for Student Conduct
    205 Sproul Hall, MC 2432
    Berkeley, CA 94720-2426
  • Drop off the form at:
    Center for Student Conduct, 205 Sproul Hall
  • Fax the form to:
    (510) 643-3133