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Academic Misconduct- Additional Resources

 Information for Faculty & Staff



The Athletic Study Center supports student athletes in developing as independent, self-reliant and successful young adults. As an academic unit within the Division of Teaching and Learning, the ASC encourages student athletes to integrate, participate, and become vested members in the academic community. A supportive and instructional staff provides a broad range of programs including advising, tutoring, career planning, internships, research, and professional training.
Career Center
Wherever you are in your academic career – freshman through PhD – we are here to help you navigate your career during your years at Berkeley. From choosing a major to exploring different career options to finding internships to looking for part-time and full-time employment to preparing for graduate, law, or medical school, our first class career counselors and staff, programs, and resources are available to you every step of the way. 
Academic Services in the Residence Halls provides the academic support services and resources necessary for residential students to transition successfully into academic life at Cal. An Academic Services Center is available in each unit. These services and resources include academic advising, tutoring, faculty-interaction programs, study-space, residential theme programs, and technology services.
Student Learning Center
The SLC is a community of 8000 under-graduates, over 250 tutors and instructors, and 20 professional staff. Our philosophy: students working with students promotes academic excellence and personal success.
SLAS/EOP helps students balance their personal responsibilities with the academic demands of UC Berkeley. Students receive assistance selecting courses, choosing a major, fulfilling requirements, exploring career options, and preparing for life after Cal. Our staff practices a holistic, multicultural, and solution-focused approach. SLAS/EOP understands and recognizes the challenges and responsibilities that come with being a low-income, first-generation, or underrepresented student. We help students resolve the various extenuating circumstances and unexpected crises that may impact their lives while ensuring progress towards graduation. Students benefit from our various programs, services, and extensive campus referral network.
The Transfer, Re-entry, and Student Parent Center serves a diverse population of students and is dedicated to providing programs and services in support of the academic and personal success of transfer, re-entry, and student parents. As a supportive and inclusive community, the center is committed to increasing students access to and awareness of campus resources and enrichment opportunities. The center also promotes campus and community engagement and leadership development that enrich and support students' academic and professional goals
University Health Services
University Health Services (UHS) provides comprehensive medical, mental health and health promotion services to all Cal students and a variety of occupational health services to faculty and staff.
The Tang Center provides a wide range of counseling programs to help students with personal, academic, career, health-related issues and crisis concerns.

Counseling Programs: Help for Personal Concerns
How to Assist the Distressed Student
Look for Signs: Depression, Suicide, & How to Help

Party safe at Cal is a program of University Health Services in collaboration with other campus and community organizations. The mission is to reduce harm associated with drinking in the campus area.  
Berkeley Student Cooperative (formally University Students' Cooperative Association)
The mission of the Berkeley Student Cooperative is to provide a quality, low-cost, cooperative housing community to university students, thereby providing an educational opportunity for students who might not otherwise be able to afford a university education.
Our mission: to foster intercultural respect, understanding, lifelong friendships and leadership skills for the promotion of a more tolerant and peaceful world.

Residential & Student Services Programs

Providing Housing, Dining, and Residental Student Development services as well as Conference Services, Early Childhood Education Programs and the Cal 1 Card program.
The Associated Students of the University of California are the elected representatives of the UC Berkeley student body. As the collective voice of the students, we build student power through leadership development, and through grassroots campaigns and coalitions, we fight to hold the University, City, State and Nation accountable to student needs.
Leadership Development is the newest area in the Center for Student Leadership.  Established in Spring 2007, the primary purpose of this area is to offer leadership development resources and coaching to students attending UC Berkeley.
Fraternity & Sorority Life
Experience the four pillars of Leadership, Scholarship, Friendship, and Service.  Students looking for brotherhood and sisterhood that continues beyond the college experience can explore joining one of multitude of diverse recognized chapters on campus; there's something for you!
Cal Parents
Cal Parents is an array of services, information, events, and person-to-person help for parents of UC Berkeley students. With a parent advisory board and a dedicated campus staff, Cal Parents is your gateway to navigating the Berkeley campus.

A Resource Guide for Parents
Your sons and daughters have chosen to attend the most distinguished public university in the world, one renowned for its research, its enduring commitment to undergraduate education, the diversity of its international student body, and the traditional engagement of its students in public service. We are happy to welcome you to our community. 


Berkeley Campus Policy Governing Discosure of Information From Student Records

Disclosure of Information from Student Records

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA)




Emergency Information

Night Safety Services Dial 2-Walk (2-9255) for both BearWALK or Owl Service

University of California, Berkeley - Office of Emergency Preparedness
The Office of Emergency Preparedness supports the Berkeley campus community by implementing programs and projects in emergency planning, training, response, mitigation and recovery. The mission is to prepare the campus to manage and recover from any type of emergency or disaster.

University of California Police Department
The University of California Police Department, Berkeley, provides high-quality, professional crime prevention, protection, and law enforcement services to maintain and promote human safety and the security of property for the Berkeley campus and its associated locations. The department facilitates the achievement of the academic, research, and public service missions of the University through its safety and security programs, the protection of individual rights, and reducing fear of crime.




The Attorney for Students advises currently registered Cal students regarding their legal questions, rights, and obligations. Please review the information and materials on this page before making an appointment - they may answer your questions.
The mission of the Ombuds Office for Students and Postdoctoral Appointees is to provide an informal dispute resolution process in which the Ombudsperson advocates for fairness, justice, respect for differences, and reasonable solutions to student and postdoctoral issues and concerns.  The Ombuds Office also serves as an alert mechanism for systemic change on campus.
A branch of the ASUC, Berkeley’s student government, the Student Advocate’s Office has a staff of volunteers committed to providing the best support and advocacy to students involved in alleged violations of misconduct or academic dishonesty.



Disabled Students’ Program
The Disabled Students' Program (DSP) is committed to ensuring that all students with disabilities have equal access to educational opportunities at UC Berkeley. We offer a wide range of services for students with disabilities. These services are individually designed, and based on the specific needs of each student as identified by our Disability Specialists.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion provides links ot resources for building and maintainig diversity, equity, and inclusion at UC Berkeley. Resources include supporting: LGBTQI. Gender, Disability, Race and Ethnicity, Support Diversity, Pathways to College, Help and Policies, and Financial Support.

Gender Equity Resource Center
The Gender Equity Resource Center, fondly referred to as GenEq, is a Cal community center committed to fostering an inclusive experience for all. GenEq is the campus location where students, faculty, staff and alumni connect for resources, services, education and leadership programs related to gender and sexuality.

Medical, Counseling and Educational Services for LGB Students
Services for Transgender Students
The staff at UHS recognizes that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students have some health concerns that are the same as other students. However, other issues may be different and require a greater understanding or specific information or programs.

Multicultural Student Development
Multicultural Student Development (MSD) promotes academic progress and success by engaging students through multicultural practices that acknowledge and celebrate their individual and collective experiences. The unit coordinates a series of academic courses and educational and multicultural activities through its six offices.

Social Justice Programs

Themed Programs in the Residence Halls