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Community Conversation 2 and Walkthroughs


Community Conversation 2

More than 400 staff attended three sessions of Community Conversation 2 which focused on our current culture. In particular, we identified behaviors that we need to continue and stop in order to build upon our three shared organizational values identified as a Student Affairs community. Those shared values are communication, honesty/integrity, and respect, which serve to guide our behavior as we strive our aspirational culture statement:“Student Affairs is a great workplace where staff trust the people they work with, take pride in what they do, and feel a sense of community in support of the student experience.”

On April 6th, we have asked you to cast your vote on the top voted behaviors our staff identified during Community Conversation 2. More than 200 staff have voted. Here are top 4 behaviors to start or continue in order to demonstrate our shared values. To see the full list, click here





Accountability/follow through

Consistent, open and honest

Lead by example

Be inclusive and respect cultural, ethnic, and other identities

Clear expectations

Build honest and respectful communication

Be transparent and honest

Collect input and data needed at all levels of the organization before making decisions

Build positive and respectful relationships

Equality (treating employee equally)

Bring/find solutions with a positive attitude

Take responsibility to solve problems



Special Adobe Voice video message from Assistant Vice Chancellor and Chief of Staff, Andrea Dooley invites you to join us at Community Conversation 2



Learn how the techniques of improvisation directly apply to developing a thriving culture. ImprovHQ co-founders Zoe Galvez and Betsy Crouch combine their extensive experience in business and theater to deliver training on the principles for peak performance, leadership and dynamic collaboration.  While engaging in a guided series of activities and conversations, you will tap into your ability to think on your feet, share your ideas, collaborate effectively, and celebrate growth.  Don’t miss what Fortune 500 companies and top business schools (including Haas!) already know:  adding these techniques to our skill set will make us a more collaborative and supportive culture. 

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