Student Affairs Cast

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UC Berkeley is looking for students to join our Cast of Berkeley students in a variety of opportunities including photo and video shoots throughout the year. 


As part of our Cast you'll have the opportunity to do any of the following: 

• See your face on brochures and other print materials for UC Berkeley marketing campaigns. 

• Get featured in a campus video, article, email or social media post. 

• Share your story or point of view by writing an article for our blog. 

• Help us make our work resonate better with Berkeley students by participating in assessment efforts and focus groups.


How does it work?

We'll get a sense of your interests, and when a relevant opportunity arises we'll reach out to you. You can then choose to participate, or wait for another opportunity to come around.


What will I gain?

•  Copies of any print material that features you and/or your story

•  Experiences that look good on a resume

•  Content to show a potential employer

•  Photos and videos to show family and friends


Join the cast!

Fill out the form online and join the Student Affairs Cast! 



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