One-Stop Business Center Project (OE) FAQs

The One-Stop Student Business Center (Cal Student Central) is an Operational Excellence project that began in March 2012 with the goal to open in spring 2013. Cal Student Central is the name of the one-stop student business center which will be located in 120 Sproul Hall. Frequently asked questions about the new center are provided below.

Establishing a one-stop, cross-functional student service center will greatly enhance the student experience at Berkeley. By having a center that serves as a single point of service and staffing it with service-oriented, cross-trained individuals with the goal to resolve 80% of inquiries and problems, most students will no longer need to visit different offices. In cases where a referral is necessary, a ticketing system will be used to track the progress of a student’s issue from initial inquiry to final resolution. Cal Student Central will ensure a timely and efficient response to the student’s inquiry or problem.

Who can I contact if I have additional questions?
General inquiries about Cal Student Central can be directed to Rose Chan-Gee, Project Manager. Questions about employment opportunities can be sent to Carmen Ortiz, Director of Cal Student Central.


What is the concept behind a "one-stop" service center?
The basic concept of a one-stop service center is that students are able to take care of matters related to financial aid, fees and billing, payments, disbursements, registration and enrollment in one visit, without having to be referred elsewhere. A one-stop center typically consolidates several different (but related) services in one location, making it convenient and efficient for students and their families.


Why is UC Berkeley planning to open a one-stop service center?
UC Berkeley students have frequently expressed frustration with having to visit several different offices, some located across campus from each other, to handle common transactions involving enrollment and registration, financial aid, and tuition/fee payment. The Office of the Registrar, Financial Aid and Scholarships are all located in Sproul Hall, while Billing and Payment Services is located a 15-minute walk across campus in University Hall. For new students, knowing where to go to accomplish basic, yet essential, business transactions can be confusing and can involve several cross-campus journeys. Cal Student Central, our new one-stop business service center, will enable students to take care of these key transactions in one convenient location at Sproul Hall, and its service-oriented, cross-trained staff will reduce the need to refer students elsewhere for assistance.


How is Cal Student Central being implemented at Berkeley?
A planning/implementation committee, including students, has been formed and is meeting weekly to determine exactly which services will be provided by the one-stop center and which ones will not be provided. In essence, the front-line services currently provided by the three offices mentioned above will be provided at Cal Student Central. The committee will also determine staffing, physical layout and furniture/equipment needs.


Who is on the planning/implementation committee?
Key staff from the three offices directly affected by the one-stop center (Office of the Registrar, Financial Aid and Scholarships, Billing and Payment Services) are on the committee.  In addition, there are staff from Human Resources and Student Affairs - Information Technologies (SAIT), as well as student representatives.


What services will be provided at the one-stop center?
In essence, all front-line services currently provided by the three source offices (Office of the Registrar, Financial Aid and Scholarships, Billing and Payment Services) will be provided by Cal Student Central. Many of these services are being analyzed to see if enhancements and efficiencies could be made as a result of having all three offices co-located.


Will the source offices still have reception areas/services available?
Although the source offices (Office of the Registrar, Financial Aid and Scholarships, Billing and Payment Services) will no longer have general reception areas, these offices will offer direct targeted services on an appointment and walk-in basis. In addition, some highly complex cases will need to be referred to the source offices. The intended outcome is to better serve students by reducing overall response times. 


Will additional services and/or other offices be added in the future?
Perhaps. Additional services provided by other offices, such as Undergraduate Admissions, the Graduate Division, the Cal1 Card office, and others, could potentially be added at a later date. At the moment there are no firm plans.


Where will the one-stop center be located?
Room 120 Sproul Hall has been selected as the location for Cal Student Central. This location was chosen because of its central campus proximity, which provides convenient access to all students and visitors to the campus. This room previously housed the Office of the Registrar's Student Services unit, which has temporarily relocated to 201 Sproul Hall.


When will construction/renovation begin?
Construction began in early September and is scheduled to be completed by early January.


What is the target opening date?
Cal Student Central is scheduled to open in spring 2013.


Who will staff the one-stop center?
There will be one supervisor, Carmen Ortiz, Director of Cal Student Central, and a staff of eight student service professionals.


How can current staff continue to prepare for the transition?
All staff members who have been affected by the transition to a centralized student one-stop business  center were notified by Student Affairs individually, followed by a series of department meetings at least three months prior to any change in their job status. Since spring 2012, employees have been encouraged to take advantage of individualized advising and counseling, as well as Student Affairs Human Resources’ on-site trainings and workshops on change management, resume writing, and interviewing skills. In addition, Student Affairs Human Resources has posted eight new positions for the one-stop center, which represent exciting promotional opportunities.


What resources are being provided to help current staff prepare for the transition?
Several workgroups comprised of staff from the sources offices (Office of the Registrar, Financial Aid and Scholarships, Billing and Payment Services), have analyzed the new one-stop center’s staffing needs and the effect on current staff. These workgroups also developed new job descriptions and identified training needs and resources for both existing and incoming staff.

Following this careful analysis and process, Student Affairs Human Resources began offering affected staff robust transition services, including on-site trainings and workshops, beginning in June 2012. They also worked with Student Affairs Human Resources, CARE Services, and campus Employment Services, Employee Relations, and Labor Relations, to provide advising and counseling services to help staff with these changes. This fall, staff had the opportunity to and were strongly encouraged to participate in a series of classes on resume writing and interviewing skills. Since new positions in the one-stop center represent opportunities for promotions and the chance to work in cross-functional roles, Student Affairs Human Resources will be offering robust training, and up-to-date technology and tools to support staff in their new roles.


Will the current front-line staff in the three affected offices be required to apply for the new positions?
Will any current staff be reassigned to positions in the one-stop center?

Cal Student Central is a brand-new office that will initially be staffed by eight newly created, currently open positions that require a new set of skills focusing on cross-training in the areas of enrollment and registration, financial aid, and tuition/fee payment plus a new ticketing system to help track student inquiries through resolution. All staff affected by the transition have been given information on and encouraged to apply for the new positions, which are posted on the UC Berkeley employment website. After the positions are filled, Cal Student Central staff will receive robust training utilizing technology and tools to support them in these new roles.


Which campus unit will be responsible for the one-stop center?
Cal Student Central will be part of the Admissions and Enrollment cluster and will report directly to the Associate Vice Chancellor for Admissions and Enrollment.