In 2016, Business Operations and Finance focused on designing and developing an operational structure staffed with top talent that is organized to effectively provide innovative services to departments in the Division of Student Affairs and to deliver on a strategic goal of serving those who serve students. As a result, there have been some exciting strategic changes. The Administration and Finance unit created a more cohesive service team and has added new roles including Customer Service Analyst, Data Analyst, and Quality Assurance and Internal Controls Analyst. These changes were created in response to client requests for greater ease of access and clear processes and procedures. This change will allow us to enhance our service delivery methods to best meet your needs and to deliver accurate data and consistent service standards.

Left to right: Ruby Vazquez-Pena-Data Analyst, Sabina Garcia-Executive Assistant & Project Support, Susan Roach-Director of Administration & Finance, Catherine Wu-Special Projects, Rosemarie Flores-Quality Assurance and Internal Controls Analyst. Arelene Banaga-Administrative Assistant, not photographed.
 Left to right: (back) Brian Tillinghast-Strategic Financial Manager, Sulaiman Syed-Resporting Financial Analyst, Kurt Norton-Reporting Financial Analyst, David Whiteneck-Financial Data Analyst, Christopher Chan-Reporting Financial Analyst, (front) Harry Ma-Strategic Fianancial Analyst, Eppie Leung-Reporting Financial Analyst, Rose Huynh-Financial Data Analyst, Mengdi Lu-Reporting Financial Analyst
The Finance team will report to the Chief Financial officer (CFO) beginning in Spring 2017


Left to right: Kay Francesca Coelho-Customer Service Analyst, Patrick Reedy-Director of Operations, Harris Mojadedi-Customer Service Analyst

Left to right: Erich Frisch-Purchasing Assistant, Norma Jones-Buyer 3, Delia Pagdanganan-Buyer 3, Amy Weissenbacher-Purchasing Manager 

Left to right: Maggie Huang-AP/AR Assistant, Aurika Weaver-White-AP/AR Assistant, Sharri'e Overall-AP/AR Assistant. Jumaane Armstrong-AP/AR Assistant not photographed. 

Left to right: Dominique Collins-Travel/Events Assistant, Caron LaMarsh-Travel/Events Assistant, Tiffany Perales-Travel & Events Manager, Carissa Almandmoss-Events Specialist, Peter Golpeo-Events Specialist

Left to right: (back) Kashmir Juneja-Safety Officer, Alan Prejean-Operations Assistant, (front) Karen Valencia-Imaging Lead, Corean Todd-Operations Assistant, Karen Larsen-Operations Manager