is a student-led collaboration between the Recreational Sports Facility (RSF) and Center for Support and Intervention created to encourage behaviors that create a gym environment that is safe and empowering for underrepresented student groups.


Our Work


E x E uses print media and a series of workshops to challenge the norms surrounding the body and fitness that put pressure on community members to look or act a certain way when in the gym.


We aim to improve gym culture in three primary ways: through social norms marketing to establish harassment-free and inclusive norms in our gym spaces, by improving policies related to sexual harassment, and by bolstering training for RSF student staff.

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Our partnership with the RSF has already started to have an impact!
  • Posted new signs in the large weight room describing who the Fit Staff are and the services they offer.
  • Fall 2017 RSF orientation added a new slide to their presentation about being mindful of the use of space and encouraged new
    students to seek assistance from the Fit Staff.
  • Proposed a re-arrangement of equipment in the large weight room to address space considerations.
  • Submitted an application to the Wellness Fund to convert a racquetball or squash court into an alternative workout space for
    students who may not feel comfortable in the weight rooms.



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