ACTION Scenario #3

Cal Dining CashierYou are in line at the door of the Dining Commons waiting to swipe your meal card to get in. You notice there is a hold up in line because a student is yelling at the Unit 3 Dining Commons employee who checks your meal cards because he does not have sufficient meals/funds to enter. The student is screaming, “Do me a favor and let me in this time gheesh. You technically work for me. I pay your salary!”


Which CARE Model strategy would you use to TAKE ACTION?

C: Go up to the student and say you should not try to bully your way in, it is ridiculous.

A: Call UCPD due to the disturbance the student is creating.

R: Yell from the back of the line, “Stop holding up the line and go purchase more meals.”

E: Engage other folks in the line in conversation about why this language and manner is inappropriate and determine if you want to diffuse the situation as a group.