Admissions & Enrollment

The Admissions and Enrollment (A&E) cluster provides student and instructional program support services that serve over 106,000 applicants, 43,000 students and countless alumni.

The A&E units play critical roles in shaping the Cal student experience from prospects through to alumni and beyond. We also serve the needs of faculty and staff, academic and administrative departments, the  University of California Office of the President (UCOP) and external agencies.


Black Lives Matter

The Admissions and Enrollment offices (Undergraduate Admissions, Financial Aid and Scholarships, Office of the Registrar, and Cal Student Central) stand in solidarity with the Black community at UC Berkeley. While recent events involving racially-motivated violence cause us immediate pause, the reality is that these acts of injustice and racism have been an epidemic for more than 400 years. 

Our teams are committed to addressing systemic racism and inequity by living our values and advancing our mission to make the university more accessible. Through admission, financial aid, enrollment, advising, and other core services, we are committed to serving our Black students, and ensuring their ability to thrive. 

This is a movement, and not a moment. Making decisions based in equity will ensure that all of our students are supported, successful and feel a sense of belonging at Berkeley. Listening and learning from our students, staff, faculty, and alumni will serve as the foundation of our work in breaking down systemic barriers. 

As we reflect on our responsibilities to our students, we recognize that we have a significant amount of work to do, beginning with our campus culture. This will not happen overnight, and we are steadfast and committed to making the necessary institutional, operational and cultural changes to make an impact. 

Our commitment includes:

  • Performance goals requiring anti-Blackness, racism, and/or implicit bias training for every Admissions and Enrollment staff member.
  • Working to increase diversity in the applicant and admit pool in the admissions outreach, application review, and yield processes. Recent progress includes admitting 200 more African American students and 1,000 more Chicanx/Latinx students over the last admissions cycle.
  • Plan and execute a strategy for evaluating current financial aid policies, practices and their impacts on our underrepresented communities; further develop our role in supporting campus diversity goals like the African American Initiative and the Hispanic Serving Institution Task Force.
  • Leverage technology and collect feedback from our students to make services more accessible and improve our overall service delivery
  • Work closely with campus partners to provide access to campus data to secure external  resources for a wide variety of campus programs dedicated to ensuring diversity in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) majors and other fields. 

Per our Principles of Community, we recognize the intrinsic relationship between diversity and excellence in all our endeavors. Racism and anti-Blackness have no place at Berkeley, because Black Lives Matter