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Berkeley Middle Class Access Plan (MCAP)

The groundbreaking Berkeley Middle Class Access Plan (MCAP), unique among public universities, launched in December 2011 and received extensive national media attention. This new financial aid program begins in 2012-13 and caps the contribution middle income parents make toward the total annual cost of a UC Berkeley student’s education at 15 percent of their total income.

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The Berkeley Undergraduate Dream Act Scholarship

The Berkeley Undergraduate Dream Act Scholarship provides scholarships up to $8,000 from private endowment and gift funds to students eligible for AB540 tuition waivers regardless of residency status. Over 140 students received approximately $1 million in scholarships in Spring 2012.



The Financial Aid & Scholarships Office leveraged technology by automating online applications for Parent Loans. Parents now apply online at the Department of Education website and receive an instant credit decision which interfaces directly with ProSAM, eliminating the need for supplemental paper forms.

 Graduation Debt

Lowest Graduation Debt

The average debt level of graduating seniors is among the lowest of all four year public institutions in the United States.

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Service Improvements

The office dramatically decreased wait times for in-person, phone, and email customer service!

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New Counseling Locations

The office increased partnerships across campus by providing counseling services at other locations including Athletics, SLAS/EOP, and the student parent center.