Highlights & Accomplishments

A&E Highlights


OE Student Services Initiative Implementation

This year marked the beginning of the implementation of the recommendations made by OE Student Services Initiative sponsors Harry Le Grande and Cathy Koshland. Executive Director Laura Willoughby has been hired to lead student systems technology implementations. Laura reports to the Associate Vice Chancellor for Admissions and Enrollment and is building a team of project managers, analysts, and outreach specialists to bring our vision for enhanced student services to reality. The first step in that process is to create a comprehensive roadmap of all student-related technology projects both in progress and planned for the future to allow us to prioritize how to move forward. New technology projects will begin implementation during the 2012/13 school year.

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New Leadership in Admissions & Enrollment

Following the retirement of Susie Castillo-Robson, Anne De Luca was named Berkeley's Associate Vice Chancellor of Admissions and Enrollment. Anne brings 19 years of experience in the enrollment management field and deep knowledge of the inner workings of Admissions and Enrollment at UCB. Prior to serving as AVC she was Acting AVC for the unit, and has served as both the Deputy Director and Acting Director of Undergraduate Admissions at Cal as well as serving as University Registrar for four years.

The Financial Aid and Scholarships Office is now directed by Rachelle Feldman. Rachelle began working in FASO in 2000, and she successfully led the implementation of Berkeley's Middle Class Aid Program this year.

The Office of the Registrar has also seen a transition to new University Registrar Walter Wong. Walter has worked in the Office of the Registrar since 1997, and earned his Master’s degree in Public Policy from Cal. He is a strong advocate for improving service for students, both through technology enhancements and changing business processes.

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Celebrating the Legacy of Cindy Franco and Tony Loo

This year we celebrate the exceptional work of two long-time A&E family members, Cynthia (Cindy) Franco and Anthony (Tony) Loo, who both passed away this winter. While their deaths have left us with sorrow we are dedicated and energized to continue their amazing work serving Berkeley's students. Cindy dedicated her working life to Berkeley, most recently serving in the area of Academic Records. Tony began his career as a student employee and served as the campus Residency Deputy at the time of his passing. Cindy and Tony will be missed and have left all of us in A&E an inspiring legacy of service.

Awards & Recognition

 Susie Castillo-Robson

Susie Castillo-Robson was honored with the Berkeley Citation, an award given for faculty and staff whose work represents the most distinguished and extraordinary service to the university. Prior to her retirement in January of 2012, Susie worked for 32 years in multiple UC departments, including at UC San Diego, UC Office of the President, and beginning in 1994, as University Registrar at UC Berkeley. Susie was named Berkeley’s Associate Vice Chancellor for Admissions and Enrollment in 2006, and her commitment to diversity, access, and college affordability will stand as the hallmarks of her career.