Highlights & Accomplishments

Admissions Highlights


Launched Social Media Campaign

On Cal Day, April 21, OUA launched its Social Media efforts in Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Due to these efforts, we not only drew lots of awareness, we also managed to drive about 800 viewers to our student blog, Golden Bears Blog.


 16% Increase

16% Increase in Applications

OUA had a steep mountain to climb in the 2011/2012 freshman application season: Read and evaluate 62,000 freshman applications - a 16% increase in apps from last year! To accomplish this feat, we hired, trained and managed 75 external application readers - the largest number of external readers to date.



Providing Access

Our 2012 yield figures are impressive: As of June, we have yielded 5,421 freshman (40.9% rate) and 2,615 transfer students (68.5% rate). We are upholding the division strategy of “access” among undergraduates, particularly underrepresented students, with an overall freshman total of 38.4% and overall transfer total at 68.7%.


Awards & Recognition


Esperanza Bernal was honored by the College Board with the 2012 Ned Tibby Award. The award honors early-career professionals who exhibit a commitment to admission work and strong leadership potential.