Office of the Vice Chancellor

harry le grandeI know many would agree with this statement: it seems our working days blur into weeks, weeks quickly turn into months, and in a blink of an eye, we have completed another academic year.

It has been only two years since I asked the division to focus on the strategic priorities of Access, Service, and Engagement to ensure that a successful student experience remains our most important responsibility. The dedication and commitment by which the staff have embraced this new strategic framework has been humbling and inspiring.

However, in our quest to keep pace with our internal goals as well as the many critical campus-wide changes, we do not always pause to celebrate the countless individual and collective contributions. We honor and acknowledge that while much lies ahead, much more has been accomplished. As a community of practitioners and educators, we have welcomed new staff members that re-energize us with diverse perspectives and bid farewell to others we considered family. We have won awards, received national acclaim, and achieved countless professional and personal milestones.

The 2011-2012 Divisional Highlights is not the dense annual report of last year. It does, however, paint broad strokes of a very comprehensive picture of the living and learning environment our students benefit from day in and day out. I encourage you to take a few moments to appreciate this body of work. Click on the department links, then congratulate your colleagues as you learn more about the depth and breadth of their efforts.

Congratulations on another successful year and thanks in advance for your continued efforts in FY 2012-13.

My deepest appreciation to each of you,
Vice Chancellor Harry Le Grande

Division of Student Affairs Highlights


Berkeley Middle Class Access Plan (MCAP)

The groundbreaking Berkeley Middle Class Access Plan (MCAP), unique among public universities, launched in December 2011 and received extensive national media attention. This new financial aid program begins in 2012-13 and caps the contribution middle income parents make toward the total annual cost of a UC Berkeley student’s education at 15 percent of their total income.


ASUC Auxiliary Transition Planning Process

A committee of 14 administrators and student leaders met over the course of the academic year to review and recommend new structures, programs, and services for the successful transition of the ASUC Auxiliary as a unit within the Division of Student Affairs. The resulting outcome was a report with 40 student-centered recommendations such as the creation of a new student organization leadership development center that couples the ASUC Office of Student Advising and the campus Center for Student Leadership to provide more streamlined and comprehensive services. In the next year, efforts to implement the recommendations will be prioritized and monitored to ensure success. Vice Chancellor Le Grande applauded the committee for working together in a genuine spirit of open collaboration and trust to collectively create a vibrant undergraduate and graduate student experience and noted the committee’s work as an example of an effective campus and student partnership for the common good.


New Student Convocation

The reconceptualized New Student Convocation was a resounding success, drawing over 4000 new students, faculty, deans, and staff to the Greek Theater. Principles of Community and other themes for student success at Cal were shared by keynote speaker, Professor Robert Reich, who is the Chancellor’s Professor of Public Policy.

 Thanks to You Invite

THANKS TO YOU Celebration

The first annual “THANKS TO YOU” employee recognition event drew over 1500 employees and family members. A committee of staff volunteers organized the event to appreciate divisional staff for their commitment and hard work. The afternoon event was filled with games, food, and opportunities for community building. Staff noted how valued they felt and the boost in morale it provided. The next “Thanks To You” event will be held on August 15, 2012.

Awards & Recognition

Achievement Awards

The following staff received an Achievement Award for their work in support of the divisional values: Access, Service, and Engagement.

  • Dan Bakley
  • Jennifer Beston
  • Rose Chan-Gee
  • Maria Cruz Grimaldo
  • Shawn LaPean
  • Karen Larsen
  • Rosita Lucas
  • Bruce Miller
  • Sharron O'Connor
  • Eliane Perkins
  • Omar Ramirez
  • Jim Sullivan
  • Brian Walker
  • Erin Wixson


Vice Chancellor's Office Highlights & Accomplishments


Harry Le Grande served on a panel discussion “The Changing Nature of Student Demonstrations" at the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA) annual meeting. He also wrote an article for NASPA Leadership Exchange entitled “Campus Protests in Transition” set to be published this summer.


Felicia Lee served as a faculty member for the American College Personnel Association (ACPA) Donna M. Bourassa Mid-Level Management Institute, an educational program designed for practitioners to strengthen critical skills to advance in the profession. She also served as the keynote speaker for UC Santa Barbara's Housing and Residential Life student leadership training.


The Strategic Management and Administrative Resource Transition (SMART) Initiative team, composed of Jodie Rouse, Steve McCabe, Lance Page, Susan Roach, Flori Ramos, Eddie Bankston, Joan Shao, and Bob Flaharty, was awarded the Chancellor’s Staff Award for the implementation of the SMART clusters in the division.