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Student Affairs
The Student Affairs' immediate office is available to answer questions related to budget, financial, and personnel policy. The following contacts in the Student Affairs' Immediate Office are:


BFS and BAIRS Q&A Information Sessions
Financial Systems User Support offers drop-in Q&A "Office Hours" to assist departmental staff with questions about BFS and BAIRS. These sessions are designed for BFS &/or BAIRS users who have specific questions and need one-on-one, in-depth coaching in BFS &/or BAIRS. For additional information and schedules, see the BFS and BAIRS Q&A Information Sessions Web site.


Reference Guides & Job Aids for the Berkeley Financial System (BFS)
If you would like to quickly find the essential steps for all the major tasks in BFS, please contact Quick Reference Guides/Job Aids for BFS & BAIRS.


The Student Affairs Business Officer Group meets the second Wednesday of each month and consists of members throughout Student Affairs who help direct departmental budget and business processes. Contact Bruce Miller (e-mail: Ph: 510-642-7514) if you would like more information on this group. Current members are shown at the Student Affairs Business Officer Group (SABOG) Contact List Web site.


UHS Faculty/Staff Programs and Workshops
As part of University Health Services, the Faculty and Staff Programs provide the campus with direct and coordinated services to help faculty and staff live healthy and balanced lives. This is accomplished by providing services such as employee assistance, disability assistance, ergonomics, health and wellness, work-related medical treatment and work/life services. For further information, see the Faculty & Staff Services Web site

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