Finance Office Glossary of Acronyms


AAU American Association of Universities
AP/PO Accounts Payable/ Purchase Order
BAIRS Berkeley Administrative Information Reporting System
BELI Benefits Eligibility Level Indicator
BFS Berkeley Financial System
BRIO A software that allows data to be manipulated with pre-built queries and reports
CARS Campus Accounting and Receivables System (No longer active after March 23, 2016)
DBC Departmental Benefits Coordinator
FTE Full Time Equivalent: a 1.00 FTE represents full time (40 hours per week) on pay status for the entire year.
HRMS Human Resources Management System
LEPD Leadership Enrichment Development Program
OPTRS Online Payroll Time Reporting System
PPS Payroll Personnel System
SQC Status Qualifier Code
Title IX Federal legislation in 1972 which prohibits all forms of sex discrimination in educational institutions that receive federal funding
UCRP University of California Retirement Plan
WACUBO Western Association of College and University Business Officers


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