Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs (VCSA)

Welcome to the Division of Student Affairs at UC Berkeley. Many resources exist within the division to help students navigate the campus, both academically and personally. Berkeley is a rich training ground for life beyond the walls of the academy. Your membership in the Berkeley community is a reflection of your citizenship in the world. Your education will be made whole when you participate in campus and community activities that inform your intellectual experience. Be active, be engaged, take your knowledge out into the world. As you do, remember that you, as a Berkeley student, are our best ambassador and many among you will become distinguished professionals and our greatest leaders.

The Division of Student Affairs values the fact that the “student experience at Berkeley” must be about both academic excellence and holistic development. We are committed to transforming the student experience by:

  • Increasing and maintaining access and affordability,
  • Improving and sustaining student-centered services, and
  • Connecting students to educational opportunities that enrich their intellectual and personal growth.

State of the DivisionThe division will continue prioritizing work to produce quality over quantity and depth over breadth, with the end goal to have Berkeley students graduate with an integrated high-quality, high-touch experience.

I hope you will take the opportunity to learn more about all the many ways in which the Division of Student Affairs serves the Berkeley community by visiting the many links from this site. Let me know how I can support you in any aspect of your time at Berkeley and I encourage you to stop by my office to say hello.

Harry Le Grande
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

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