SL/A&E - Purchasing - Supplies or Payments

Instructions for Purchasing Supplies or to Pay Invoices

You may either complete the Purchasing Form (optional) or please email the following information to submit your payment/purchase request.

Step 1: Complete Purchasing Form; or draft an email with the following information:

Delivery Location:
Phone Number:
Business Purpose:
Date(s) Needed (optional):
Vendor (if available):
Description of Goods/Service, Item/Catalogue # (if available), Quantity, Cost:
Chartstring (if available):


Step 2: Submit form or email request to your supervisor for approval. Please feel free to attach any additional documentation, as needed.


Step 3: Once you have obtained approval, forward your request along with your supervisor's approval email or signature to


SL/A&ESL/A&E BusOps Center Contact:

phone: 510-642-4062
fax: 510-643-9201

address: 18 Sproul Hall  |  Berkeley, CA 94720-5404