SL/A&E - HR - Hiring

Instructions for Hiring New Employees:


Link to BIZeBEARS:

  1. Log into BIZeBEARS.
  2. Select "Create Ticket" on the left menu.
  3. Select the "Action Information" tab.
  4.  Select the appropriate "Action Type" from the drop-down menu.
  5. Complete Form.
  6. Save Form.
  7. Change the "Status" of the form to "Submit for Approval" and click the blue disk to send your ticket into the workflow.

(Effective March 9, 2009, and until further notice, a campus hiring freeze for all non-academic career and contract staff positions with or without end dates is imposed for all campus units/departments, excluding 1) positions fully funded by contracts and grants, 2) short term limited appointments intended as backfill for career employees on leave or otherwise limited to less than 6 months, and 3) per diem appointments.)

SL/A&ESL/A&E BusOps Center Contact:

Nikki Parker
phone: 510-643-5001