Business Operations- Purchasing Forms

Purchasing Forms

After-The-Fact Justification Form: Use this form for any purchase made without prior Purchase Order authorization. UCB requires additional justification to support the commitment of university funds for After-the-Fact purchase requests.

Conflict of Interest Form: Use this form for independent contracts and consultant services. Identify if the vendor is involved in decision making and/or financial involvement of the project.

Entertainment Purchase Order and Event Planner Card Expenses: Use this form to document Entertainment expenses on Purchase Orders (PO) or Event Planner Cards (EPC). This form is also used for employee morale-building activities and employee recognition purchases.

Independent Contractor Pre-Hire Worksheet: Use this form for independent contracts and consultant services.

Proof of Price Reasonableness & Source Justification Form: Use this form for all purchases over $5,000. If federal funds are involved, complete this form if the purchase is more than $3,500. 

UCB Substitute W-9 & Supplier Information Form: Use this form to add or update vendor information

Certificate of Insurance: This form is sent to vendors by clients, if current Certificate of Insurance is not on file. The client provides BusOps with the form.

Student Affairs Non-Compensation Expense Review FormAll Non-Compensation Expenses over $20k identified below will need CFO approval until further notice. Please ensure you attach the  fully completed for the following items: 

  • Change Order
  • Consultant
  • Training
  • Refresh Minor Capitol Expenses
  • Sole Source Agreement
  • Capital expenditures over $500k that does not go through CPC

Other Forms

Certificate of Lost/Missing Receipt: Use this form when original receipt is not available as back up documentation for an expense of $75 and over.

Electronic Funds Transfer: Use this form to setup vendors on Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT).