Financial Services


Administrative Operations provides cashiering services for all departments in Student Affairs. Cashiering activities include:

  • Processing Cash and Check Deposit Requests to departmental accounts,
  • Processing wire transfer payments routed from Billing & Payment Services for deposit back to department accounts,
  • Processing Credit Card Payments to departmental accounts,
  • Processing end of day deposits in the Campus Deposit System, and
  • Receiving end of day deposits and submitting for Loomis pickup.


Types of Collection

  • Funds approved for collection that are consistent with the purposes of the University.
    Examples: Registration for events, workshops, classes, admissions payments, and membership dues.
  • Credited on the miscellaneous cash receipt form to the departmental expenditure account from which the original expenditures were made.
    Examples: Rebates for purchases, other entities reimbursing UC for airfare associated with professional development/consultation.
  • Funds received as gifts, such as private donations to UC Berkeley.


Meal Plans

  • The Cashiers office can help with all meal plan related questions. Questions can also be answered online via Cal Dining's website.