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Student Affairs Organizational Consultants are a professional, neutral resource to assist managers in achieving a great workplace for our employees and successful operational performance. We can assist in the following areas: Conflict Management, Goal Setting and Prioritization, Leadership Effectiveness, Workplace Culture Consulting, Change and/or Crisis Management, Professional Development, Organizational Diagnosis and Succession Planning, 360 Degree Feedback, Performance Management, Community Check-in or Listening Session, and Employee Engagement Consulting. Additionally, the Orgonizational Consultants are certified in assessments and trainings below. If you are interested in learning more about the following offerings, contact us.

Promises Promises










Promises, Promises: This highly interactive simulation helps teams to focus on the interdependence needed to build a more collaborative organization; also how to create an environment where needs are openly expressed and met as people deliver results and operate in a way that is consistent with organizational values.

StrengthsQuestStrengthsquest: We offer customizable workshops that help staff identify their individual strengths. As a result, staff will better understand and adapt their interaction with others to improve relationships and effectiveness.










Performance Management: We offer a variety of services including: a series of workshops on skills and practices for effective performance management; performance management coaching with managers; and consulting on specific departmental or employee needs. 

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI): We offer workshops to introduce MBTI and help teams to discover and understand each team member's preference type and become a more cohesive team.










Employee Engagement Consulting ProgramOur Employee Engagement Consulting Program uses Gallup's Q12 Employee Engagement Survey to help managers and employees focus on the workplace elements they can directly improve. The Q12 survey measures actionable items that are predictive of attitudinal outcomes such as satisfaction, loyalty, and pride. By measuring baseline performance against Q12 survey results followed by action planning, our managers and employees can ensure Student Affairs is a great place to work with a motivated workforce focused on growth and innovation in student service.

Leadership Effectiveness Assessment: Learning & Development administers the LEA, which is a leadership assessment program that assists managers in identifying leadership competencies--both in strengths and other areas to improve. It is a developmental (not an evaluative) exercise tool designed to increase understanding of leadership strengths and growth areas and help individuals develop actionable plans to improve leadership skills.


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