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The Front Line Leader Onboarding Program provides newly hired and promoted Student Affairs’ front line leaders with a consistent and formal approach to learn about the Division of Student Affairs and our aspiration to be a great workplace where staff trust the people they work with, take pride in what they do, and feel a sense of community in support of the student experience.

Target Audience

This program is designed for newly hired and promoted Student Affairss front line leaders.

Program Highlights
  • Interact with SA leaders who share firsthand experience creating a culture of pride, trust, and community.
  • Understand how the culture of the organization impacts job satisfaction, productivity, retention, and attainment of strategic goals.
  • Understand the impact of leadership behaviors on creating and/or sustaining a great workplace.
  • Learn theoretical models and key behaviors to support great workplace culture.
  • Review two nationally recognized employee engagement models, along with specific behaviors to practice with their staff to boost engagement.
  • Complete a self-assessment to identify opportunities for professional development.


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Online Learning Site/Resources Click HERE to see how to search and use the UC Learning Center.

Contact David Atwood at davidatwood@berkeley.edu for more information.