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Incentive Awards Program (IAP)

StudentsAt the Center of the Incentive Awards Program are the scholarship awards themselves, this year totaling over $1.8 million. When the Program was founded in 1992, Scholars received $5,000 annual awards for a total of $20,000 over 8 semesters. Today, thanks to the generosity of countless donors, the Incentive Awards Scholars receive awards up to $32,000 in donor-supported scholarship funding.

These awards are disbursed over four years and are the cornerstone of highly competitive financial aid packages, which minimize the need for scholars to use loans or work-study to fund their education. Because Incentive Awards Scholars come from backgrounds of economic disadvantage, nearly all qualify for additional forms of financial aid, including Federal Pell Grants, State Cal Grants, and other institutional scholarships and grants, as well as work-study that helps to complete their financial aid package.

Learn more about the program at the Incentive Awards Program website.

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