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Student Conduct Forms

This page contains the different forms and documents students may want to use throughout the conduct process, whether to report an incident, request a copy of their conduct record, waive confidentiality to an advisor, or have their record expunged early. Please review the different forms that are available and select the one that best fits your needs.

Records Release Authorization Form

Request a copy of your record or grant the Center permission to discuss your record with an advisor.


Request to Expunge Conduct Record

This form can be used to submit a request for your student conduct record to be reviewed and expunged early.


Records Release Authorization Form


This form can be used by students or student organizations to:

  • request a copy of their conduct file, and/or
  • waive their right of confidentiality and privacy, granting the Center permission to release or discuss their conduct record with a specific individual.

Please note that the Center will no longer be providing hard copy of requested conduct records. The Center will send scanned electronic copies of conduct records to the e-mail address authorized by the student completing the form in the space provided.

You can submit this authorization form in one of the following ways:


  • Mail the form to:
    Center for Student Conduct
    205 Sproul Hall, MC 2432
    Berkeley, CA 94720-2426


  • Drop off the form at:
    Center for Student Conduct, 205 Sproul Hall


  • Fax the form to:
    (51) 643-3133


Request to Expunge Student Conduct Record Form


Disciplinary records may be expunged early by the Dean of Students or their designee for good cause, upon written request of a student who has a disciplinary record. With rare exception, most student conduct records are retained for four years from the notice of the final outcome or until graduation, whichever occurs first.

Disciplinary records retained for less than 120 days or designated as “permanent” shall not be expunged without unusual and compelling justification. For more information regarding maintenance of student conduct records, please see the Berkeley Campus Code of Student Conduct.

Please allow up to ten (10) business days for your request to be processed. Once granted, expunged files will be removed from active disciplinary records and shredded, leaving the student with no disciplinary record.


Other Frequently Used Forms

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