Check/Cash Deposits

If you receive checks or cash that need to be deposited, you can submit to your appropriate finance officer or cashiering staff to process in the Campus Deposit System (CDS) and send them to the bank.

  • We process personal checks, money orders, travelers checks, and certified checks
  • All checks must be made payable to UC Regents
  • Checks should not be accepted if they are dated older than 180 days prior to the date of acceptance
  • Items issued in currencies other than U.S. dollars or drawn on a foreign bank account will require conversion and special handling by the bank. Allow several weeks for receipt of funds.

Deposit Instructions

  1. Endorse received checks.
  2. Complete the Student Affairs Deposit Request form (PDF form fillable) and print out.
  3. Submit the form with checks and/or cash for deposit to your cashiering unit for processing and deposit (see contacts below).


BusOps Center Contacts:

LHS: Deborah Martinez | | 510-642-2555

RSSP: Annie Donato | | 510-643-6955

SL/A&E: | 510-642-4062 | fax: 510-643-9201