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Student Affairs Injury and Illness Program

The Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) is the department's ongoing, comprehensive program for preventing work-related injuries and illnesses. The written program describes the safety committees, workplace inspections, and employee training on work-related hazards. It outlines the roles and responsibilities each staff person has in maintaining a safe work environment.

What to do if an injury or illness occurs at work               download the poster

  1. Address medical care issues
    Emergency Care (serious injury, threatening to life or limb)
    1. Dial 911 or or 2-3333 for campus police
    2. Call EH&S hotline 510-642-3073
    3. Call Dept. Safety Officer (DSO) 510-459-4144

    All instances of serious injury that require an ambulance must be reported to EH&S and DSO
    Acute Care (non-emergency)

    • Direct employee to the Tang Center (2-3188) located at 2222 Bancroft Way, 8AM - 5PM
    • Direct employee to the Alta Bates Medical Center located at 2450 Ashby Avenue, after hours 
  2. Complete documentation

How to report a safety concern                                           download the poster 

There are many ways to report a safety concern, but some methods get a faster response than others. If you see a possible hazard in your work environment, and you cannot personally correct it, you can:

1.  Tell your supervisor

2.  Contact the DSO: 

Kashmir Juneja, DSO
(510) 459-4144

3.  Fill out an anonymous report of unsafe condition. You can tell us about your concern without telling us your name. We will post our response to your location's safety bulletin board within two weeks of receiving the report.

        Send the completed form via interoffice mail to:  
                        Kashmir Juneja, DSO
                        2610 Channing Way, 
                        Berkeley, CA 94720

4.  Contact the Office of Environment, Health and Safety (510) 642-3073 (during business hours), (510) 642-3333 (after hours), or complete the Anonymous Report Form 

5.  Email CalOSHA:

Other Safety-Related Forms

Other Safety-Related Campus Resources