Workforce Planning & Analysis


What gets measured, gets done.~ This quote from William Hewlett is still very relevant today and particularly for Berkeley as it moves towards implementing its High Performance Culture. We need to be able to measure the quality of our work in order to make improvements.

The Workforce Planning & Analysis team is developing metrics to enable the Division to measure progress toward achieving strategic goals at both the Division and unit levels.

What are the benefits of using metrics?

As we move towards building a world-class operation to support our students, it is important for every staff member to know how their contribution affects the larger mission of the university. There are a lot of best practices that we can draw upon to help us to measure our progress. Benefits include:

  • Clear and transparent communication of priorities throughout the Division.
  • Alignment on campus-wide goals and consistent metrics to assess overall performance (e.g., support plans that are clearly aligned to Student Affairs priorities).
  • Well-defined goals and metrics.
  • Clear guidelines on how to assess performance with strengthened accountability and incentives aligned with performance.

For more information on how the University is using metrics please check out OSKI