Workforce Planning & Analysis


The Division of Student Affairs continues to recognize the tremendous work and accomplishments of our employees in transforming students, community, UC Berkeley and the field of Student Affairs. The Division offers multiple types of ways to award outstanding contributions:

  • Achievement Awards have changed from a divisional recognition program for significant one-time accomplishments into a supplement for our merit-based salary compensation for ongoing and sustained achievements. Instead of being decided division-wide, Achievement Awards are now being handled at the AVC level.  Each AVC (David Surratt, Joseph Greenwell and Amy Jarich (Interim) will be handling the Achievement Award process for their respective units internally leveraging performance reviews and other assessments of accomplishments. If you have any questions about this award program, please contact
  • The Spot Award, similar to previous years, recognizes special contributions, as they occur, for a specific project or task, generally for a special contribution accomplished over a relatively short time period. The award amount is $500. In a change, this year, represented clerical employees (CX) are now eligible for the award. If you have any questions about this award program, please contact
  • The Thanks to You “Spotlight” Recognition program is just one of the ways to celebrate successes by appreciating one another's talents and contributions.
  • The STARS Recognition Program is set-up to help advance Student Affairs mission through high quality customer service. If someone you have interacted with has shown true STARS standards (Sincere, Trustworthy, Attentive, Resourceful, and Successful), the employee is eligible for a $25 Amazon gift card!Please note that the STARS program is not funded by the Division and requires the department's Chartstring or Speedtype. 


For even more details regarding the Campus Awards programs, click HERE

Position Control Update:

 The Student Affairs Position Control Policy is in full effect. Please make sure you have the below forms attached to ALL job submissions via BizeBear.

  1. Student Affairs Position Control Policy
  2. Student Affairs Position Control Form 

Workforce Planning & Analysis

Human Resources

Below you will find forms and other resources to conduct your staff performance reviews. Right click on the link and select "save link as"  ("save Target as" in Internet Explorer) to download the necessary forms.

For additional information on any HR related matters please reference the Student Affairs HR Contact List.

Performance Evaluation Forms:

Performance Evaluation Form for ALL Non-Represented Staff (Including Managers and Supervisors)

All non-represented staff (including managers and supervisors) use the same Annual Performance and Review form.  However, there are two versions below:

  • The version with (Goals) in the title is for staff who were given specific measurable goals at the beginning of the 2015-16 review period.  And, as a result, the focus of the review will be on they performed compared to achieving their Goals.
  • The version with (Responsibilities) in the title should be used with staff who did not have specific measurable goals set last year.  And, as a result, the focus of the review will be on how they performed compared to the responsibilities they were given.  This version will only be used for the 2015-16 review period as the Division transitions to the new Goals focused form.

Student Affairs Behavioral Anchors



Performance Evaluation Form for CUE

CUE Form

Performance Evaluation Form for All Other Represented Staff

Further Resources For Performance Evaluations:

Annual Self Assessment

A tool for employees to think about their current position in preparation for their annual job performance review.

Sample E-mail Regarding Self-Assessment

This document provides templates for supervisors and managers of non-represented employees for communication about an employee's self assessment and annual performance review.

Quarterly Performance Review Template

The Quarterly Performance Review Template is a great resource for all managers and supervisors to use throughout the year to set meaningful goals. 

Student Affairs HR Contact List

New Employee Onboarding:

New Employee Orientation Checklist for Supervisors:

Information for New Employees:

Supervisor Resources:


Workforce Planning & Analysis


What gets measured, gets done.~ This quote from William Hewlett is still very relevant today and particularly for Berkeley as it moves towards implementing its High Performance Culture. We need to be able to measure the quality of our work in order to make improvements.

The Workforce Planning & Analysis team is developing metrics to enable the Division to measure progress toward achieving strategic goals at both the Division and unit levels.

What are the benefits of using metrics?

As we move towards building a world-class operation to support our students, it is important for every staff member to know how their contribution affects the larger mission of the university. There are a lot of best practices that we can draw upon to help us to measure our progress. Benefits include:

  • Clear and transparent communication of priorities throughout the Division.
  • Alignment on campus-wide goals and consistent metrics to assess overall performance (e.g., support plans that are clearly aligned to Student Affairs priorities).
  • Well-defined goals and metrics.
  • Clear guidelines on how to assess performance with strengthened accountability and incentives aligned with performance.

For more information on how the University is using metrics please check out OSKI