Business Operations - Travel FAQ's

What can the travel desk help with?

  • Plan and book all travel from airfare, hotel, shuttle, car rental etc. from start to finish.

  • Estimate travel cost for your future travel needs.

  • Provide guidance with general travel concerns and answer questions regarding UC travel policy.

  • Process travel reimbursements and provide continuous support from processing to disbursement.

  • Work with CSS & Disbursements to plan for increased reimbursement volume, in an effort to reduce turnaround times during peak travel seasons.

  • In the near future, provide reporting on travel expenditures and overall travel spend.

  • Negotiate with airlines, hotel, and car rental companies.


What are the daily expense limits & general receipts needed?

  • This is not a per diem – you will be reimbursed only for daily actual expenses, up to a maximum of $71, for trips lasting more than one and less than 29 days.

  • Unused portions of the $71 limit do not carry over from one day to the next.

  • Trips lasting longer than 29 days are eligible for a per diem.

  • Trips lasting less than 24 hours are not eligible for meals and incidentals unless there is an overnight stay.

  • Receipts needed for any trip expense $75 and up.

  • Air, hotel and car rental receipts need to be itemized with all charges that show proof of payment (last 4 digits of card) and show a zero balance due.


Please check out the Travel Policy in a Nutshell for additional information on FAQ’s regarding travel.