Campus Buyers have the professional expertise, skills and knowledge to handle complex and high value transactions. These individuals have been delegated the authority to process transactions above low value delegated limits.

Campus Buyers provide services to:

  • Assist departments with planning procurement activities

  • Select appropriate sources, including identification and management of suppliers

  • Negotiate and review terms and conditions with suppliers

  • Analyze business issues, activities and transactions

  • Solicit competitive bids through requests for information, quotations, or proposals

  •  Assist departments with UC business policy interpretation and compliance

  • Assist departments with the creation of a Statement of Work (SOW) when appropriate, for supplier services 

  • Sign contracts and agreements for goods and services (departments do not have the delegation to sign these)

The Campus Buyer is included in BearBuy workflow, either when the purchasing dollar amount or purchase type requires Buyer involvement or when the department indicates that Buyer intervention is needed.

Note: Insurance certificates on file are now located on the google drive.

Non-Compensation Expense Update:

All Non-Compensation Expenses over $20k identified below will need CFO approval until further notice. Please ensure you attach the  fully completed Student Affairs Non-Compensation Expense Review Form to all Non-Compensation Expenses that fall into the below categories:

  • Change Order
  • Consultant
  • Training
  • Refresh Minor Capitol Expenses
  • Sole Source Agreement
  • Capital expenditures over $500k that does not go through CPC

Low Value Purchasing (Under $5k)

For all purchases under $5,000 please fill out the request form below. The Purchasing team will be sure your order is placed and frequent updates are given to you throughout the process. 


Service PO's and Purchasing (Over $5k) 


For all service PO's (regardless of amount) and purchases over $5k, please fill out the request form below. The Purchasing team will be sure your order is placed and frequent updates are given to you throughout the process.  Please be aware that three or more competing quotes plus certificate of insurance need to be attached to every cart $5k and above (unless the purchase is from a BearBuy hosted or punch out catalog (Office Max, Grainger).


Frequently Used links:



Request for Proposals


Formal Requests for Quote (RFQ) and Requests for Proposal (RFP) are required at UCB for all purchases $100k and above. However, you may elect to go out to bid for any goods and services at any dollar amount.  The RFP's typically take between 3-6 months and all suppliers must have a valid certificate of insurance on file with the University listing "The Regents of the University of California" as "additional insured" prior to starting work.

Insurance certificates on file are now located on the google drive.

For a more detailed look at this process please review the Request For Proposal Process Map.



Financial Services


Business Contracts

Business Contracts come in many forms and the services we provide are based on the type of contract.  Below is more information on the most frequently used Business Contracts we can assist with. 

Business Contracts and Brand Protection

  • Please obtain approval at the appropriate level prior to submitting the Business Contract to Business Operations.
  • Provide a completed BCO Request Form with sufficient information to describe the scope and objectives of the proposed contract, identify the institutional interests to be served and assess any potential risk and financial impact.
  • As the department Approver, please make business and programmatic decisions regarding the contract and contract performance. Departmental participation in the contracting process may vary significantly depending on the nature of the contract.

Business Contracts FAQ's

This form is strictly for Project Managers within RSSP Design Services. For all other purchasing requests, please use the "Purchasing" tab. 

Project Managers:
  • Please use this form to submit work authorizations through the Capital Projects "Blanket Contract" program.

  • This is a digital version of the current authorization. 





Purchasing "Hit-List"

Procurement Block

  • A PO needs to be generated prior to the start of work, regardless of dollar amount.
  • A quote plus certificate of insurance needs to be attached to every cart -- unless the purchase is from a BearBuy hosted or punch out catalog (Office Max, Grainger).
  • Contracts (of any dollar amount) that require signature or that include a vendor's terms and conditions need to be reviewed and signed off by a buyer prior to purchase.
  • Contracts (of any dollar amount) that involve software or IT interface will need to be reviewed by SAIT for security purposes prior to approval.  Submit security review requests directly toSAITservice@berkeley.edu."
  • Three or more competing quotes plus certificate of insurancneed to be attached to every cart $5k and above (unless the purchase is from a BearBuy hosted or punch out catalog - Office Max, Grainger, etc.). Anything $5k and above has to demonstrate "price reasonableness" and this is most clearly acheived via multiple competing quotes.  If a special or emergency situation comes up, the unit may be able to write up a justification for how/why a different procedure should be followed and how they will determine that the price is reasonable.
  • Insurance certificates on file are now located on the google drive.
  • Requests for "blanket" POs require additional documentation, a signed contract, and a discount from the vendor, and are not automatically generated.  The dept is strongly encouraged to eliminate blanket POs.
  • Formal, public bidding is required for $100k and above.(flow chart).

Purchasing Forms

After-The-Fact Justification Form: Use this form for any purchase made without prior Purchase Order authorization. UCB requires additional justification to support the commitment of university funds for After-the-Fact purchase requests.

Conflict of Interest Form: Use this form for independent contracts and consultant services. Identify if the vendor is involved in decision making and/or financial involvement of the project.

Entertainment Purchase Order and Event Planner Card Expenses: Use this form to document Entertainment expenses on Purchase Orders (PO) or Event Planner Cards (EPC). This form is also used for employee morale-building activities and employee recognition purchases.

Independent Contractor Pre-Hire Worksheet: Use this form for independent contracts and consultant services.

Proof of Price Reasonableness & Source Justification Form: Use this form for all purchases over $5,000. If federal funds are involved, complete this form if the purchase is more than $3,500. 

UCB Substitute W-9 & Supplier Information Form: Use this form to add or update vendor information

Certificate of Insurance: This form is sent to vendors by clients, if current Certificate of Insurance is not on file. The client provides BusOps with the form.

Other Forms

Certificate of Lost/Missing Receipt: Use this form when original receipt is not available as back up documentation for an expense of $75 and over.

Electronic Funds Transfer: Use this form to setup vendors on Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT).