Campus Buyers have the professional expertise, skills and knowledge to handle complex and high value transactions. These individuals have been delegated the authority to process transactions above low value delegated limits.

Campus Buyers provide services to:

  • Assist departments with planning procurement activities

  • Select appropriate sources, including identification and management of suppliers

  • Negotiate and review terms and conditions with suppliers

  • Analyze business issues, activities and transactions

  • Solicit competitive bids through requests for information, quotations, or proposals

  •  Assist departments with UC business policy interpretation and compliance

  • Assist departments with the creation of a Statement of Work (SOW) when appropriate, for supplier services 

  • Sign contracts and agreements for goods and services (departments do not have the delegation to sign these)

The Campus Buyer is included in BearBuy workflow, either when the purchasing dollar amount or purchase type requires Buyer involvement or when the department indicates that Buyer intervention is needed.

Note: Insurance certificates on file are now located on the google drive.