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Financial Services


Blu Card/Event Card Reconciliation


Administrative Operations serves as the primary Approver in BFS for all card transactions.  We will review purchases made by the cardholder and work of the Reconciler, notify them of any errors, and approve transactions in BFS to show all steps have been completed and within compliance of Procurement Services.  To ensure audit defensibility the "3 Strike Rule" will be strictly enforced.

Minimum Documentation Requirements:

  • Order Approval - Electronic or wet signature approving the order.
  • Documentation - What was purchased and how much it cost (i.e.. invoice, receipt, etc.).
  • What was received - Documentation showing goods were received. (i.e.. packing slip, in-house receiving system, or email/note from receiver indicating what was received.

For a more detailed description of these Minimum Documentation Requirements please click HERE.  

Need a step-by-step video to re-fresh you on the steps to reconcile your BluCard transactions?  Please watch this BFS 9.2 Instructional Video!

Loss, theft or fradulant use of credit card? Call US Bank at (800) 344-5696 immediately. After calling US Bank, prepare a Loss, Theft or Fraudulent Use Form. Email the completed form to  


Once you are ready to submit all your documentation to be reconciled please follow the below steps.

Step 1a: For BluCard transactions please  complete this form:                                                                 

Step 1b: For all Event Planner Card (EPC) transactions please fill out the Entertainment Purchase Order and Event Planner Card Expenses, Authorization and Documentation Form

Step 2: For EPC transaction and/or paper forms please UPLOAD HERE or send an electronic copy to  For more information on how to Save and Email a PDF form click HERE.



Financial Services


Administrative Operations provides cashiering services for all departments in Student Affairs. Cashiering activities include:

  • Processing Cash and Check Deposit Requests to departmental accounts,
  • Processing wire transfer payments routed from Billing & Payment Services for deposit back to department accounts,
  • Processing Credit Card Payments to departmental accounts,
  • Processing end of day deposits in the Campus Deposit System, and
  • Receiving end of day deposits and submitting for Loomis pickup.


Types of Collection

  • Funds approved for collection that are consistent with the purposes of the University.
    Examples: Registration for events, workshops, classes, admissions payments, and membership dues.
  • Credited on the miscellaneous cash receipt form to the departmental expenditure account from which the original expenditures were made.
    Examples: Rebates for purchases, other entities reimbursing UC for airfare associated with professional development/consultation.
  • Funds received as gifts, such as private donations to UC Berkeley.


Meal Plans

  • The Cashiers office can help with all meal plan related questions. Questions can also be answered online via Cal Dining's website.